We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts with informatics and economy background, teaching at the HAK.DIGBIZ business.digital in Austria, Imst. You can use our stable production ready servers to have a reliable service for your stake.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions about Cardano and your staking plan.

Our goal is to support the Cardano network with a stable staking pool and have a showcase project for education. Beside this we want to take part in the decentralized Cardano Network, because we are devloping Smart Contracts in it. We believe this technology has unforeseen possibilities to solve open problems, that's why we want to support it.

One of our first published projects is a ready to use Docker image with all tools needed to start a Cardano Node. We offer a lot of information how to use and set it up. This way we hope to help others to force decentralization of Cardano. Go to Docker Hub to find out more.

Health of block producing server
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Look at our Live Server Statistics. Our Servers have enough capacity to catch all possible blocks to maximize your rewards.
The server stats you can see on this page offer no direct link to the server. The block producing node writes data encrypted to a database, situated on another server. No target is revealed to an attacker
Security and Resilience
You don't want your stake pool to be attacked! So we make sure that doesn't happen. Our block producing node runs on a fail-safe hardware system with one of the world's stablest operating systems: Debian. Additional it is completely hidden to avoid attacks. It only communicates to redundant relay nodes, which also belong to us. Only this relay nodes are visible to the outside.
You don't want your stake pool to go down and miss blocks! Our redundant relay nodes are situated in different countries (USA and Germany). This assures to get transactions from everywhere on this planet with high speed. So we maximize the chance to produce blocks.
Our redundant relay nodes are situated in different countries (USA and Germany) and hosted by different operators. This maximizes resilience against attacks or natural disasters.
Informatics Education
[STOLZ] Cardano Pool is used in education. The Pools are used to showcase cutting edge technology in the Distributed Ledger context to prepare our students for the world of tomorrow. This way they can learn more about Peer-to-Peer technology, Nodes, Staking and much more. We think that Cardano is an excellent project for this usecase.